Honeykart is a beekeeping organization that door delivers honey to cities across India. You can buy honey online here through phone orders. Below are the terms to buy honey online from us.

Current service area

Currently, we deliver honey to the following locations in India
Tamilnadu including Chennai,


For other locations, please send us your complete delivery address through WhatsApp (Temporarily Closed). We will check service availability with courier service and update you.


Delivery time

                        Tamilnadu including Chennai: 2 days
Bangalore: 2days
Hyderabad: 3 days
Mumbai : 3 to 4 days
Pune : 3 to 4 days
Kolkata: 4days
Delhi: 5 days.

The above delivery time is excluding Sundays and government holidays.

Orders confirmed before 5PM on a working day will be booked on the same day. Orders placed on non-working days (Sundays and government holidays) will be booked on the next working day.


Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity is 1kg.  Two different honey varieties, each 500grams (Total 1kg ) can be booked.

All our packing is in 500 grams, we don’t have 250grams packing. The total order needs to be in multiples of 1kg.

An odd number of half kg bottles cannot be booked.  Even number of half kg bottles can only be booked.

Example: 4 different honey varieties, each half kg (2kg total) can be booked, 3 varieties each half kg (1.5Kg) cannot be booked.

This is due to packaging issues. 

Packing is in PET bottles.

To know more about our honey production. Please view our bee hive.

Payment Options

We are using third-party courier services for delivering honey parcels; they do not have the facility to collect payment during delivery of the parcel.

So we don’t have a Cash on Delivery facility.

Currently, we receive, Payment in advance transfer to the bank account. 


Placing honey order

If your address is in the above serviceable area, please send your complete delivery address with landmark through WhatsApp.

Also, select the honey varieties from the products page and mention it through WhatsApp.

Once your address and honey varieties are confirmed, we will send our bank account details through WhatsApp. 

You need to transfer the funds and intimate us through Whatsapp. 

We will verify the payment and update you.

That’s it; you will receive the honey in the time duration mentioned


Delivery services and complaints

As we use a third party for delivering parcels, we don’t have direct control over the courier service operations.

Any delay in delivery can be reported to us. You need not contact courier services.

We will do all the needed, to get the parcel door delivered.

A WhatsApp message to a mobile number is sufficient to give a complaint. We will follow up.

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