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Sunflower Floral Honey

  • Sunflower floral Honey:

    Sunflower honey is produced by bees hives placed in vast sunflower farm, the sunflower honey will contain certain nutrients of sunflower and the taste smell and colour differs from other floral honey.

    Health benefits of sunflower:

    The Sunflower is a good bee plant, as it furnishes hive bees with large quantities of pollen and nectar.

    The seeds have diuretic and expectorant properties and have been employed with success in the treatment of bronchial, laryngeal and pulmonary affections, coughs and colds, also in whooping cough.

    Sunflower is used for the following problems: Arthritis, ague, cardio-vascular problems, chest congestion, chest pain, colds, constipation, coughs, diarrhea, fevers, feverish tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, kidney inflammation, low sperm count, malaria.

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