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Coriander Floral Honey

  • Coriander floral Honey:

    Coriander honey is produced by bees hives placed in vast coriander farm, the coriander honey will contain certain nutrients of coriander and the taste smell and colour differs from other floral honey.

    Health benefits of coriander:

    Coriander is a Phytonutrient-Dense Herb having anti-inflammatory properties. Coriander has been used as a folk medicine for the relief of anxiety and insomnia in Iran.

    Coriander leaves are also a powerful natural cleansing agent. They have been effectively used to cleanse heavy metals and toxic agents from the body.

    Its used for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease patients by limiting the neuronal damage in their brain.

    It also helps to ease hormonal mood swings associated with menstruation in women and helps to reduce menstrual cramps.

    It helps diabetic patients to maintain healthy levels of insulin in blood and lower blood sugar.Coriander helps ease conjunctivitis, eye-ageing, macular degeneration and other stresses of the eyes.


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