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About Honeykart


Honeykart is a central Tamilnadu based beekeeping company with direct customers spread across southern states of India.

Our beekeeping was established with the purpose of increasing the pollination by placing beehives in agriculture lands and forest, which is the manifesto of beekeeping in any part of the world.After successfully increasing the crop yield by bee’s pollination, the honey obtained as a by-product of beekeeping was sold as such in surrounding areas.

Our ZERO tolerance to contamination policy of honey received a good response and people from different parts of Tamilnadu reached us directly to buy honey for medical purposes. As our beekeeping extended with years, our honey production also increased along with crop yield.

HoneyKart is dedicated in providing pure honey to customers at its own premises by putting end to search of beekeepers by customers for pure honey.

Why Honeykart ?


In General   people would like to buy honey form the Beekeepers directly   in order to avoid   the possibility of adulteration. And Honey Kart which is in Bee keeping will fulfill it.

Special honey

We don’t sell honey as   just Honey. We sell it with the information from which plaint it is collected from. Such as Drumstick, Coriander, Glory lily and Mango etc..

A customer who provides   his   hard earned   money to buy honey   has all the right to know form which flora the honey is collected from.We provide it and Hence our customer are satisfied in   buying honey from us repeatedly.




Properties :


Fructose: 38.2%

Glucose: 31.3%
Maltose: 7.1%
Sucrose: 1.3%
Water: 17.2%
Sugar: 1.5%